A collection of non-research projects I've worked on over the years.

I also Tweet and blog about my projects!

Some (current) personal favorites:

  • Emacs:

    • emacs-secondmate, a "mini-imitation" of GitHub Copilot for Emacs via HuggingFace Transformers
    • gpt-emacs-macro, running "semantic macros" in Emacs via GPT-3 (and a blog post on Semantic Macros in Emacs)
  • Clinical AI:

    • MedQA: a GPT-powered clinical reference tool that can answer clinical questions and follow-up questions in natural language, along with references to sources. (More information)
    • clinitokenizer and clinisift, BERT-based off-the-shelf tools for medical sentence tokenization and Named Entity Recognition, respectively
    • Clinical GPT-3, an exploration of OpenAI GPT-3's abilities to perform various Natural Language Processing tasks in the clinical domain, on patient medical records.
  • GPT-3:

    • GPT-3 Music Recommender, music recommendation via GPT-3 โ€“ an experiment to see how effectively a large model not been trained on any music data but has just "read" about different songs and artists via its training corpus can provide music recommendations. May require a few seconds to start up.
    • GPT Rubber Ducky Programming, use GPT-3 to help walk through code!